Jurassic Dinosaur Costume Raptor Suit for Entertainment
Dinosaur Costumes

Jurassic Dinosaur Costume Raptor Suit for Entertainment

Item No.: DC-026
1.Product type: Jurassic dinosaur raptor costume.
2.Size: 4m long.
3.Movements: Eyes blink, mouth open and close with roaring, head move etc.
4.Performers: 1 performer

Jurassic Dinosaur Costume Raptor Suit For Entertainment




Product name: Jurassic Raptor costume
Type: Raptor

Brand name  : SuperQueen

Size  : Length=4 meters, Height fit for = 170cm-185cm

Sound : Real dinosaur sound or customized.

Package : wooden case / air case/ depends on customers' choice

Delivery Terms :EXW/FOB/CIF/Depends on cstomers' choice

Mode Of Transportion: Land/Sea/Air/Railway

Delivery time: 20 days/Depend on the quantity of order.

Technics : All handmade




1.Mouth open and close with synchronized roaring sound,


3.Head moving up and down, left to right,

4.Tail moving,

5.Body moving up and down, left to right.

All controlled by the human inside.

Please contact us to check videos.



  1. Auto speaker

  2. Camera

  3. LED monitor inside

  4. Batteries

  5. Safe belt

  6. Performing collar 

  7. Fan


How to put when donnot use


1.Hang up on the frame steel we offer .

2.Keep it into the package case when donnot use it for a long time.


After-sale service

12 months(after the warranty,we can provide life-long paid repair or service support .




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